The Ramsey School, Ramsey School Welcome

Fun & Libation Education
Old School, New Cool!

Going BACK TO SCHOOL has never been so much fun!  Take a recess from life and join us for great company in an atmosphere we all grew up with.  Our curriculum is easy and relaxing.  Graduate from your daily routine and get your diploma here.  The students, teachers, and principal are eager to please and guess homework!  With marvelous libations, we can't guarantee that you will leave smarter, but you will leave happier!

Enjoy one of the premier seats at the bar, or a cozy nook to sit with friends.  Our school has games, sports, WiFi, music,  and food.  Class registration, anytime, 300 Ramsey Street, Bluefield, West Virginia
300 Ramsey Street
Bluefield, West Virginia 24701
Monday thru Saturday
4:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M.
Please Note That This Site Is  Still Under Construction.  Awaiting Additional Photos & Copy From Principal.
Principal:  Tony Szabo
Vice Principal:  Jerry Perdue


English - Libations 101
Math - Shooters
Science - Cocktails
History - Spirits
Geography - Aperitifs
Art - Highballs
Music - Mandatory
Gym-  Dance Pole 3.0

Mixology- Laurie Bailey
Party etiquette- Christy Davis